Clinical Pilates with Rachel Grace

Clinical pilates focuses on strength, stability, mobility, muscle control, posture and balance.

An initial assessment will be conducted with Rachel prior to commencing a one-on-one or group clinical pilates class. This is to ensure there are no underlying issues that need to be treated prior and so Rachel can tailor the class to your specific needs.

In our pilates studio (located within the clinic) the exercises will be completed on the reformer, trapeze table and chair, along with hand weights, roller and magic ring aides.

One on One Classes 

Group Classes (up to 3 people)

Run by physiotherapists


Private Health Rebate Applies

One-On-One Session

A one on one Clinical Pilates session is $96 for half hour or $192 for an hour.

Group Session - Up To 3 People

A group class of up to 3 people is $192 for an hour session ($64 per person for a class of 3)