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Sarah Key Method

Jonathan Harris is trained in the Sarah Key Method and offers you a wide range of patient services.


World leading authority on back pain, Sarah Key, provides information and self-help for a bad back, without surgery.

Click on the link below for more information on Sarah Key:


Sarah Key hypothesizes that the breakdown of a lumbar motion and subsequent  pain occurs in sequence and runs through 5 stages. These are;

  • Stage 1: Stiff spinal segment 

  • Stage 2: Facet joint arthropathy

  • Stage 3: Acute locked back

  • Stage 4: Prolapsed inter-vertebral disc

  • Stage 5: Unstable spinal segment

Clear explanations about spinal disorders (in plain language - not confusing medical jargon)

How to relieve acute back pain

Simple, easy to follow exercises

How to keep your pain at bay

The likely causes of your pain

The simplest self-treatment options

Peace of mind and hope 

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