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May 2022 COVID-19 Patient Communication


Just a quick note to let you know that although we are getting back to normal there is still a lot of Covid being passed around as well as this winter's flu bug.

So, please wear a mask (as per Covid Safe Laws) in all Health Care Settings, to keep yourself and everyone else, safe from infection.

Nepean Physio Clinic - 9553 2078


Nepean Physio Clinic is committed to providing all patients with a safe environment. Our clinic is open and focused on continuing to support the provision of safe day-to-day healthcare for all our current and new patients.

We have processes in place to:

  • Screen patients as they enter the clinic. No mask-no entry, ensures you and other patients have access to a safe waiting area whilst in the clinic.

  • Offer telehealth video consults to patients who would prefer to consult a physio in their own home, via their computer or smart phone. Simply call us or book online here to book in your telehealth consult.

As a patient you can feel comfortable visiting our clinic to get the care you need.

Click here to book an appointment online or call the clinic on 03 9553 2078


Telehealth Appointments

What is telehealth?

Telehealth allows you to easily connect with your physiotherapist (or other Healthcare Professional) over the telephone of video-conference for a consultation. You can now access and book a telehealth consult from wherever you are.

Who can access telehealth?

Telehealth appointments are now available for all our current and new patients.

How do I book a telehealth appointment?

To book an appointment you can either:

1. Call our clinic 03 9553 2078

2. Book online through our website: Press Here

At the time of your appointment, you simply click the link sent you (in your appointment confirmation email). This will open up a new window prompting you to connect with your physio via a video chat.

We remain committed to supporting all our patients, team members and Healthcare Professionals throughout this time. We are ready to help you in our clinic and online.


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